“I Love the Tobacco Culture”


Dr. Peter Rudolf Scholz, German ambassador to Cuba, doesn’t look exactly like the inaccessible and distant German man usually portrayed in the minds of Latin people. He stands out for his elegance and distinction, seriousness and distinguished bearing, but he performs with the ease and kindness of the purest Cuban people. With that very disposition and smile on his face, he sat down with a team of the Excelencias Group, within the framework of the 17th edition of the Habano Festival. 

What do make of the Habano Festival?

This is a very important and internationally prestigious event, as it fosters a product that is famous worldwide due to its quality, while it’s part of Cuba’s heritage and cultural identity. 

How about the importance of the German market for Habanos?

The consumption of Cuban cigars in Dutch-speaking countries is widespread. Germany is a first-class export market, a meaningful destination in commercial terms, that’s the reason why there are several Habanos distributors in Germany.

Do you have any favorite Habano?

I’m a doctor and I don’t smoke, so I can’t tell which Habano I’d like the most. However, I love the magic that flows around the tobacco culture: its scent, its shape, its history; the items used to handle cigars; stores, humidors, every single element related to the product; as well as the previous stage: the sowing, plantations, factories, hand-rolling process. 

Cuba as a travel destination for Germany …

Statistics show high figures of German tourism in Cuba. We’re the island nation’s second largest tourism outbound market, right behind Canada. There was a marked increase last year, which speaks of the sympathy and interest of the German people in Cuba as a heavenly place.