20 Years of Habanos s.a.


Orlando HernandezOrlando Hernández Guillén. Adviser at Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Trade 

The Habano is much more than an important item in our exports and the Cuban economy. 

The Habano is a symbol of Cuba, present in the most remote places in the world and always associated with excellence, pleasure and good taste, from the Caribbean, from Cuba. 

The creation of the company Habanos S.A. in the difficult years of the “Special Period” after the demise of European socialism, allowed to make adjustments in the management of the tobacco sector, particularly in marketing, which led to the recovery of lost ground in the international market spaces and strengthened global leadership position in the market for premium cigars, paving the way for developing strategic alliances that have come to reassure the Cuban habano in its sole exporter, Habanos S.A. –the privileged place it must have.


Osvaldo EncarnacionOsvaldo Encarnación Santovenia. 

Production manager at the Tabacuba Group 

Creating Habanos S.A. had a very positive impact mainly on two aspects: first obtaining a financing system for agriculture linked to marketing, which has helped maintain leadership in quality Cuban black tobacco in the world, and secondly a faster and better articulation of industry and agriculture by creating new habanos in keeping with the demands of smokers on the five continents. These two aspects have been honed over the past 20 years. In the future, in my opinion, Habanos S.A. should continue –supported by the entire Cuban tobacco industry- buttressing its position of excellence in the world through continuous improvement to ensure the quality that distinguishes habanos since 1492



Fernando DominguezFernando Domínguez

President-Tabacalera Imperial Tobacco Group 

Relying on a single product and in the most prestigious brands in the world of tobacco, the ability of Habanos to act like a true leader must be recognized, generating trends and offering our fans a real Premium Experience, through successful innovation in product development and new concepts through activities associated with a certain lifestyle.  





Heinrich Villiger.Presindente de Fifth AvenueHeinrich Villiger.

President of 5th Avenue Products Trading GMBH-Exclusive Distributor in Germany 

Our Company 5th.  Avenue Products, was established in 1989, in partnership with Cubatabaco and later with Habanos S.A. for the sale and distribution of the Habano, the world leader Premium tobacco, in Germany and more recently, in Austria. The mutual relationship of high professionalism, innovation and creative instinct with the aforementioned entities, has allowed us the higher levels of excellence within supply and distribution of Habanos worldwide, for the pleasure and enjoyment of their lovers. I appreciate our fruitful and successful collaboration, and I am convinced that you will triumph. My warmest and most sincere congratulations go out to Habanos S.A. on its twentieth anniversary.



Ana lopezAna López García. 

Director of Marketing Operations for Habanos S.A. 

I am privileged to be part of the group of founders of Habanos SA, and therefore I’ve been able to live the company’s birth and evolution over these 20 years of fruitful work. One of the main achievements, in my opinion, has been the consolidation of the company´s position as market leader in premium cigars, from a solid marketing strategy based on product innovation, specialization in distribution to the final consumer, and communication, where the Festival del Habano, since 1999, has played a key role. 




José María Cases. President of Maori Tabacs S.A., Exclusive Distributor in the Princedom of Andorra  

When Habanos S.A. was founded we already had more than 20-year relationship with Cuba and Habanos. It is extremely difficult for me to express all that has brought this relationship and how I feel about it. Difficult times, pleasant moments, launchings, editions, welcomes, goodbyes, successes, mistakes, good and not so good harvests. Ultimately, my life. 

The evolution of Habanos S.A. during these years has been spectacular. We could hardly find such a significant and sustained development in the tobacco industry, and an unprecedented international expansion. Innovation, quality, service, honesty and professionalism are some of the values present during these 20 years. Being a distributor of Habanos S.A. is a prestige for any employer in the world. It is a pleasure for me to have been able to be among all of you over the years. Professionally and personally, I could not imagine anything better.


Copresidente de Habanos s.a.

Walfrido Hernández Mesa

Co-president of Habanos S.A. 

Habanos S.A. is one of the leading companies of Cuba,s image worldwide. Its brands include some of the oldest and most prestigious in the world, like Romeo y Julieta, Partagas, Hoyo de Monterrey and H. Upmann, which were created in the nineteenth century. Some like Montecristo emerged in the twentieth century, and others were founded after the 1959 Revolution, like Cohiba, the most prestigious of all.

All have helped to keep the Habano as a leading product internationally. The experience gained in these 20 years, and excellent relationships with industry and agriculture are the foundation for continued growth for the future in the leadership of cigars, made totally by hand from Habanos S.A.  



Copresidente de Habanos s.a.Luis Sánchez Harguindey Pardo de Vera

Co-President of Habanos S.A. 

We have the necessary basis for our business to continue writing a successful story in the future. We are convinced that our strategy, focused on offering Habanos lovers a unique and high quality product and experience through our various detailed concepts and other activities that allow them to enjoy a unique lifestyle, represents the suitable formula to strengthen our global leadership, consolidating sales and profitability in mature markets, and expanding our culture and sales in countries with potential for development.