The 2018 Cigar Roller Tour in Switzerland


From August 30 thru October 26, Mrs. Vivian Mirabal Mendoza toured Switzerland, showing experts and amateurs there the techniques of rolling Habanos

In Switzerland, many amateurs know the value of a good cigar: the experience of smoking is a conscious pleasure for them, particularly appreciated when it comes to the king of cigars: the Habano.

The best tobacco in the world and the exquisite art of hand-rolled cigars make Habano a luxury product.

Not all Cuban cigar lovers are fully aware of how many handmade efforts are required to produce Habanos. And that is the reason why Ms. Vivian Mirabal Mendoza visited Switzerland, together with Intertabak AG, the official importer of Habanos S.A. for Switzerland. The tour ran from August 30 to October 26, 2018, through specialized retailers.

On a daily basis, Mrs. Vivian showcased her magnificent craft skills in the production of cigars, a trade in which she has put many years of experience under her belt at the Carlos Baliño cigar factory.

Many fans have had the opportunity to see how Habanos are rolled, always handmade with long filler.