Aged Cocktails: Deluxe Habano Companions


Cocktails aged in wooden casks –also known as Vintage Perfection Cocktails- have turned out to be a new trendsetter that has rapidly caught on in some of the world’s best-known bars in London, Paris, Moscow, New York and even in Havana, where they have found in Habanos the perfect travel mate.  

Quite recently, people attending the 5th Habana-Habanos Symposium had the chance of sipping at those aged wonders and pair them with a spectacular Habano, the Petit Robustos from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, a vitola penciled in by Habano lovers and connoisseurs alike as one of the most sought-after ones within both the brand and the entire Habano portfolio. 

The pairing took a Presidente –a typical Cuban cocktail- that matched perfectly with the Petit Robustos, not only because of the original mixture of 3-Year Aged Havana Club rum, red vermouth, grenadine, ice and orange rink, but also due to the aging process endured for three years in oak barrels.

The Petit Robustos Hoyo de Monterrey cigar dishes out combined arrays of sticky, delicate and scented flavors, all of them coning with great elegance and complexity. This is perhaps one of the ideal Habanos for smokers who seek watered-down strengths in a cigar that delivers velvety notes without ever letting go of its features in any of the smoking thirds.

Even though the combination of Habanos and cocktails is a relatively new trend, in the case of aged mixtures that could in a short span of time become an ideal choice, especially because of the popularity in the realm of bartenders. 

While in the traditional bar service a patron must wait several minutes for a drink, when it comes to tasting this innovation in elite beverages they should wait from two to six weeks since it’s all about new blends of whiskey, vermouth, brandy or bitters which are put to rest in wooden casks for a certain period of time, the only way to make them get their taste notes of vanilla, caramel or spices. This is owed to an interaction of the alcohols during the aging process which, as a matter of fact, also chips in the oak-like color.

This technique that allows for the evolution and transformation of a cocktail banks on time and the wood, a combination that lets patrons enjoy traditional combinations, such as Dry Martinis, Manhattans or Negronis, with a different taste. In many cases whiskey is the drink of choice for achieving this end result.

The combination of Habanos and aged cocktails –in this case Cuba’s Presidente- won’t surely be the only one. It’s rather just the first step into an unexplored territory that bears watching for bartenders, smokers and sommeliers whose only limit will be their own imagination and the desire to make the best pairing possible with those one-and-only gems called Habanos. 

Name: Petit Robustos Hoyo de Monterrey

Factory Vitola: Robustos

Store Vitola: Petit Robustos

Strength: Mild

Sizes: ring gauge 50 (19.84mm) x 102 mm long

Presentation: 25-unit SLB box and 3-unit case