Arnaldo Bichot: An Expert’s Eyesight


Arnaldo Bichot is a habano man. At age 80 and with longstanding experience under his belt, he’s still active and is considered a living encyclopedia when it comes to many habano blends.

Even though Arnaldo Bichet officially retired when he was 71, he couldn’t stay away from the realm of tobacco for too long.

This well-built man of grey hair is one of the brains behind many habano blends, especially the new Partagas vitolas.

He cut his teeth in the trade back in 1952 as a wick remover in Santiago de las Vegas –in the outskirts of Havana- before moving to the Por Larrañaga cigar factory and then to La Corona, where he eventually retired in 1998. He now works at the Partagas Royal Cigar Factory.

For this master of several generations of cigar rollers, wick removing is one of the main stages within the industry, chiefly for the new Partagas vitolas –the Partagas Series E No. 2 and Series D No. 5- which have come to enhance the larger-than-life Series D.

They are both the outcomes of a special, aromatic and strong blend. The Series D No. 5 comes out in a shorter version suitable for a pleasant 20-minute smoking session.