Best Alliances between Rums and Habanos


At the end of the day, the aged Santiago de Cuba and extra-aged Mulata rums were chosen and combined with selected vitolas from the Ramon Allones and Partagas brands

The matching between the Ramon Allones Robusto and the 11-year Superior Aged Santiago de Cuba rum (CubaRon), and between the Partagas Series E No. 2 Piramide and the 12-year Extra Aged Mulata rum (Tecnoazucar) were picked as the best alliances by those attending the tasting session of renowned aged and extra-aged spirits and the famous Cuban habanos.

The final round of this one-of-a-kind tasting session brought together a huge turnout of foreign delegates who, hand in hand with experts from both productions, professional bartenders and sommeliers, hand-voted for their favorite alliances following the tasting of unidentified products.

In his opening keynote speech, CubaRon Corp. president Juan Gonzalez talked about this historic and cultural encounter of the island nation’s rum-making industry –currently delivering a vast array of combinations with the most selected habanos- and its interconnection with the tobacco industry and its assortment of exquisite aromas and tastes, faithful to their origins from the same neck of the woods.

Since the preliminary stage, selected products made and sold by Cuba Ron, Tecnoazucar, Havana Club International, CIMEX Corp., the Unión de Bebidas y Refrescos, and vitolas provided by Habanos S.A., took part in the competition.