The Best Pairing between Habano and Oporto


A genuine demonstration of how to match two products bound together by their typical origins, the love and tenderness of their cultivators and makers, and the wisdom to come up with legit gems was the grand finale of the Habano-Oporto Pairing that took place yesterday at the Intl. Conference Center.

Two Tawny and a couple of Vintage Oporto wines had already been chosen in the preliminary round of this competition, escorted by two singular habanos. But those who voted for the best match didn’t know their names.

That was the basic condition for the grand finale, a contest that handpicked not only the best habano and Oporto, but also the real full-fledged pairing based on the tastes resulting from their combinations, the sensations felt by the tasters and the wallop-packing feeling for the senses.

A majority of votes in the first case went to the Oporto Dow’s Tawny 20 Years combined with the Montecristo Edmundo (ring gauge 52 x 125mm long), while in the second case the top honors were for the Oporto Graham’s Vintage 1994 and the Romeo y Julieta Belicoso (ring gauge 52 x 140mm long).

Both combinations will be from now on a mandatory recommendation to wrap up a gourmet meat with those one-and-only fortified wines called Oporto and those unrivaled premium cigars called habanos.