The Challenge of Cigar Hand-Rolling


Even though the name sparks off fears, the making of a parejo con cabeza tumbada is not something impossible to do. Teaching how to get the job done was in the hands of Arnaldo Ovalles during a master class on cigar hand-rolling within the framework of the 19th Habano Festival.

Attendees were taught how to roll a Corona Gorda factory vitola that, according to the expert, is the third most visible vitola of all habano brands, only second best to Mareva and Robusto.

“The goal here is not to get a perfect cigar, but just have the chance to enjoy the process and, above all, wallow in their own end results,” Mr. Ovalles said during the presentation.

Delegates, journalists and other guests got down to making a parejo con cabeza tumbada for approximately one hour as cigar rollers from the historic El Laguito factory were guiding “students” in the making process.

The master class on cigar hand-rolling has traditionally been one of the most anticipated moments of the grand gathering on premium cigars. This process is one of the exclusive to-dos and one of the reasons why Cuban cigars boast so many followers around the globe.