Chef Sergio Torres: “I’m Delighted to Be in Havana”


“We’re bringing a dish that represents the two cultures and, in the same breath, mixes a cream of red beans –a product that hails from these lands- with quail eggs, black truffles and Spanish mushrooms. I won’t say anymore. We’re having time tonight with other chefs, but I can only add the menu truly bears watching.”

Together with his brother Javier, Sergio Torres runs the Dos Cielos Restaurants at the ME Barcelona Hotel, an establishment that recently won a Michelin Star in 2010 and grabbed the Eñe of Sao Paolo in Brazil.

He’s happy to put great assortments of Habanos at the disposal of his clientele in both restaurants, something that certainly clinches a good end for those patrons who come looking for the most exclusive details for their after-meal talks.