Chile Recognizes the Protected Denomination of Origin for Habanos


 As just another token of Habano’s prestige and in keeping with the world trend for the registration of great denominations of origin and geographic indications, Chile’s National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) has granted that recognition to the Habanos denomination of origin.


The ceremony took place on Sept. 26 in Geneva, home to the World Intellectual Property Organization, the entity that gathers nations in terms of intellectual property and copyrights. 


The request for the Habano recognition was filed in the year 2010 and following a thorough assessment process that included a statement by Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture, Habano was recognized in September last year.


The recognition of this emblematic Cuban product’s quality and reputation will from now on be protected in the face of third parties that could make a disloyal use of the brand’s name. At the same time, consumers will get assurance that the products they buy have the qualities granted by their place of origin.


For their part, Habanos will be strengthened in terms of their copyrights since they could file lawsuits and seek special penalties under the Industrial Property Act in an effort to prevent third parties from making unauthorized use of the denomination of origin.


At the same time, consumers will get extra reassurance that the raw materials used in the manufacture of the products were actually grown and processed in Cuba under strict safety and quality guidelines ruled by INAPI for the recognition of this industrial property in Chile.


Cuba has launched a gloves-off campaign to give Habanos worldwide recognition. With that view in mind, an official importer in Geneva, Switzerland has been named –Intertabak A.G.- in a bid to foster and market this product that hails exclusively from the Caribbean island of Cuba.


The ceremony was attended by INAPI’s Maximiliano Santa Cruz, Carmen Paz Álvarez and Mario Matus, Chilean ambassador to the WTO. Director of the Cuban Intellectual Property Office Maria de los Angeles Sanchez, and Mrs. America Santos Rivera, deputy minister of Science, Technology and Environmental Protection also attended, as well as high-ranking officials from OMPI.