Cohiba Behike & Havana Club Máximo: Two Ultra Premiums Bound Together


Word has it that rolling stones eventually meet, so it couldn’t take that long for two great Cuban products to come together and please those who can drink and puff on exquisite gems.

That’s what happened during the selective tasting-pairing of the Cohiba Behike –the most exclusive line from the most prestigious Habano brand- and the Havana Club Máximo extra aged rum, the standard-bearer of the great master rum makers.

During a matching session attended by special guests from Habanos S.A. within the framework of the 14th Habano Festival, as well as by expert tasters, smokers and execs from Havana Club International, the Cohiba Behike’s three vitolas –BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56- combined with this amazing spirit.

According to these executives, the Cohiba Behike –rolled with the finest tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo plantations- has panned out to be a smash hit that has grabbed countless international prizes. What’s more, the line has reaped the best words of praise from those who support its unrivaled taste and aroma –just a legit pleasure only for connoisseurs.

In the same breath, the Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged is a one-of-a-kind rum distilled by Don Jose Navarro, Cuba’s Grand Master Rum Maker, who managed to mix extraordinary aged spirits in this new recipe. This is no doubt the ultimate booze stemming from a blend of top-notch aged rums stored in Havana Club’s cellars and sticking strictly to the most genuine Cuban rum-making tradition.

Honoring its supreme quality, Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged is bottled in a lovely glass decanter that shows through the dazzling glow of its amber-hued mixture. The bottle’s fancy lines are inspired in Havana’s architecture and decorative arts, famous for its finesse and attention to every detail. Habana Club Máximo Extra Aged is the purest expression of this refinement.

Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged is both robust and smooth like velvet. It’s both dry and sweet. Its deep taste featuring soft-wood notes chips in silky opulence and unleashes a cascade of flavors marked by black chocolate, exquisite dry fruits and a vanilla note, the perfect blend to combine with the Cohiba Behike vitolas and let this combination pack a wallop to your senses.