Cohiba Behike, Havana Club Máximo: An Ultra-Premium Pairing



Two products that were born out of the same terroir, Habanos and Cuban Rums, can be merged in a perfect pleasure formula to delight those who know how to drink and smoke.

If the wide range of Habanos vitolas offers nearly any option to be paired with Cuban rums, there are some exquisite products in both sides, Ultra-Premium category, that make up an exceptional marriage, and that is the case of Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive line of Habanos’ most prestigious brand, and the extra aged Havana Club Máximo rum, a flagship of master rum makers.

Cohiba Behike line, featuring its three formats - BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56 -, has an extremely limited production and has introduced the “medio tiempo” in the blend of its three vitolas, which is a scarce leaf that comes from the top of the sun tobacco plant and gives unique character and note. Cohiba Behike has also included an identifying security hologram on its ring with superior characteristics, which has been renewed in 2014.

Cohíba Behike has become a legend among Habano enthusiasts, who speak for its incomparable note and aroma, a pleasure for the chosen ones: Cohiba Behike is Habano’s top expression in terms of note and aromas.

On the other hand, Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged is an one-of-a-kind and prestigious rum, produced by Mr. José Navarro, Cuba’s Grand Master Rum maker, with extraordinary extra aged rums. This alcohol is the top of the rum making art, since it is made up of the most aged rums with the highest quality, stored in the cellars of Havana Club, respecting the purest Cuban tradition.

Havana Club Máximo Extra Aged is both strong and as delicate as velvet. It is dry and sweet. Its profound and soft wood-like taste gives a silky opulence, a cascade of flavors accentuated by black chocolate, exquisite dried fruits and a note of vanilla, so it stands as the best choice to pair with any of Cohiba Behike’s vitolas, thus triggering the ecstasy of all senses.

As exclusive as the Máximo, Cohiba Behikes are characterized by original formats that didn’t exist among the vitolas of Habanos, with thick gauge that delivers excellent combustion and allow smokers to appreciate and enjoy the intensity and notes provided by this exquisite and unique blend.

With an impressive draw, excellent aroma and intense note with plenty of nuances, the most experienced smokers affirm that Behikes are characterized by their exceptional combustion, constant and homogeneous throughout the smoke.

These products represent a perfect pairing. When combined, they concentrate the finest spirit of Cuba in their aromas and notes. Cohiba Behike line is a myth that can only be reached out by experts looking for Habanos’ top expression of taste and aromas.