Cohiba Behike Puts on its Bib and Tucker Again at the Havana International Fair


Cohiba behike premiado en FIHAV 2011Cohiba Behike premiado en FIHAV 2011Once again Cohiba Behike, one of the most emblematic vitolas from this brand, showed why it’s penciled in as Cohiba’s best-kept secret, this time around grabbing the Gold Medal and the Top Quality Prize in the product category at the 29th edition of the Havana International Fair held in November 2011.

Habanos S.A. execs climbed the stage several times during the award ceremony of the 29th Havana International Fair held at the International Conference Center in the nation’s capital. In addition to the gold medal won by Cohiba Behike, the company also nabbed top honors for the best booth in the freestyle design category.

Considered one of the Caribbean’s largest tradeshows and Cuba’s number-one fair, FIHAV 2011 gathered over a thousand companies from 60 countries in a weeklong event that stretched from Oct. 31 thru Nov. 5 at the Expocuba Fairgrounds, a venue located on the west side of Havana that witnessed a tremendous turnout of visitors on this occasion.

The Top Quality Prize is one of the most important awards granted by the Organizing Committee of FIHAV and it goes to those products exhibited at the fair –both domestic and international- that meet the most demanding requirements in terms of quality.

Cohiba Behike premiado en FIHAV 2011Cohiba Behike premiado en FIHAV 2011Cohiba Behike premiado en FIHAV 2011





In reaching a final verdict, jurors bore in mind the conception of this new Cohiba line rolled out by Habanos S.A. in 2010. Unlike previous launches, this particular vitola boasts a blend made up of “medio tiempo” leaves, an inclusion that makes the Cohiba Behike the most exclusive habano of all time.

Another aspect that played a role in the jury’s final decision was the original and luxurious design of the Cohiba Behike, both the bands and the cases, as an end product. Moreover, the jury also extolled the tremendous acclaim this product has had in the world market.

As far as Cohiba Behike is concerned –it took center stage at the Habanos S.A. booth in FIHAV 2011- Cuban co-president Jose Luis Fernandez Maique said only limited quantities of this product will be produced because the medio tiempo leaf is a scarce commodity, despite its high demand in markets around the globe.

The Cohiba Behike has been making headlines since its launch in 2010. Some cases in point are the countless awards and prizes the vitola has grabbed ever since and the amazing reviews it has triggered by some of the world’s most influential magazines in the business, like Cigar Aficionado that called it “the world’s best cigar of 2011.”

In the same breath, celebrated magazine Cigar Clan labeled the Behike vitola “the best of the best,” while Cigar Journal praised its high-level quality.

This Top Quality Prize at FIHAV 2011 joins a long list of recognitions the Cohiba Behike has achieved, an undisputed token of why this is Cohiba’s best-kept secret and the highest expression when it comes to both the taste and aroma of a habano.