Cohiba Behike Unveils New Hologram on Its Innovative Band


A brand-new hologram, with higher features, has been introduced in the already original ring of Cohiba Behike, the most exclusive line of the classic Línea Cohiba, described as Habanos’ best brand.

The new hologram enhances the tracing possibilities and security of the ring and it is going to be progressively included in Cohiba Behike’s three formats: BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56.

Since they were rolled out back in 2010, Behike’s rings feature Cohiba’s Indian Head on holographic paper printed in relief, as well as an exclusive security hologram in each one.

Now Behike’s ring includes a brand-new hologram design with increased security measure. The rest of the ring design has kept the same design and shape.

Both new and old holograms will be coexisting in sales outlets for some months.

Cohiba Behike, considered "Cohiba’s best kept secret", was exclusively launched within the framework of the 12th Habano Festival, held in 2010.

Behike, which joined Cohiba’s existing lines, has been the brand and Habanos’ most exclusive line ever since and it is annually produced in extremely limited numbers.

Cohiba Behike’s blend now includes "Medio Tiempo", a leaf that delivers exceptional character and note. This vitola’s Habanos are quite articular due to their manufacture, the outstanding quality of their wrapper and they are described as the highest expression of Habano’s note and aroma.