Cohiba Pirámides Extra: A High-Octane Pairing

Por: Juan Jesús Machín, Campeón Mundial Habanosommelier

Cohiba Piramides Extra

When it comes to pairing an exclusive and elegant Habano like the Cohiba Pirámides Extra –a genuine gem of Habanos, S.A.’s vitola portfolio- you should by all means pick a complex spirit, of round bouquet and especially well-aged in order to make them match perfectly.

It’s important to bear in mind that even though the Cohiba Pirámides Extra (ring gauge 54 x 160 mm long) sticks to Cohiba’s Linea Clasica blend, with mild-to-strong taste, its leaves are the cream of the crop, hailing from the finest tobacco plantations in San Juan y Martinez (D.O.P) and San Luis (D.O.P), in the region of Vuelta Abajo (D.O.P) from Pinar del Rio (D.O.P) in Cuba.

In the same breath –as it happens with all Cohiba Habanos- the  Pirámides Extra takes in three out of the four leaves used in rolling these cigars (Seco, Ligero and Medio Tiempo) which endure additional fermentation in casks, a very special process that renders in peerless scent and taste.

That explains why pairing this gem is really something when it comes to spirits, both in terms of their quality and their helpings. That’s why a 12 Years Santiago Rum could be a good match here, especially for its defined style and molasses –a condition which is commonplace for all rums distilled in eastern Cuba where local temperatures and the terroir give these spirits a distinctive touch.

Just another suggestion –depending on customers’ preferences- is no doubt the 15 Years Legendario Rum, a very exclusive spirit that endures long aging, features a fancy bouquet and well-defined scents. In this case the alcoholic content is not the primary note and that’s owed to the skilled hands of the master rum-makers during the fermenting and aging processes.

The 15 Years Havana Club and even the Havana Club Selección de Maestros also rank high on the list of recommended drinks, though the first one will be the spirit of choice due to its all-out flow inside the mouth, the result of an aging process in casks that guarantees distinctive aromas and tastes, even the aftertaste. That makes it a perfect match for dark-roasted and wood notes the Cohiba Pirámides Extra oozes out.

If what the patron is looking for is spirits other than rums –that’ll never be our suggestion- the Cohiba Pirámides Extra can make good friends with deluxe whiskeys -either blended or single malted- such as the Chivas Regal 18 or Chivas Regal 25. However, other choices could include cognacs or brandies like Torres 20 or Jaime I.

Like in all pairings, it’s all about a matter of personal preferences, yet always bearing in mind that a grand lord like the Cohiba Pirámides Extra needs an elegant companion that can make its values stand tall and bring unrivaled pleasure and delight to those puffing on it.