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Its main objective is the creation of a mechanism capable of huddling and documenting the experience of Cuban women in the realm of the world’ finest premium cigars.

According to Zoe Nocedo Primo, director of the Habano Museum –attached to the Havana City Historian’s Office- and the top advocate of this initiative supported by the Panorama Hotel, the function slated for Tuesday Feb. 23 at the abovementioned Havana lodging is barely the beginning of what will come to pass on March 17, the scheduled date for the official registration of the Habano Female Friends Club, happening together with the opening of the 11th Habano Flowers Colloquium, an event that from its first edition has been conceived as a recognition to the role played by the femmes in this traditional sector.

“It’s a necessary step forward, some kind of preamble based on the fact that this 12th Habano Festival is paying tribute to women, who first started working in this industry as wick removers back in 1879. But at the same time, this event is no doubt the perfect setting for this first step forward and for the fulfillment of the goals we’ll be setting out to meet in the future,” Nocedo pointed out.

In this foundational stage, the Habano Female Friends Club will be made up of some fifty women hailing from each and every process of the tobacco industry, as well as from the social sciences, the research field, the arts and all walks of life of human development in which women have played a role in the advance of the habano as an economic, agricultural, cultural or identity phenomenon within a nation that stands so close to this product.

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