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Mr. Garrido explained the enactment of Decree 121 by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Cuba in 2009 turned out to be a starting point for both the establishment and implementation of this major mechanism that “benchmarks what a habano truly is and dictates its rudiments from the field all the way to its marketing.”

The Habano Protected Guarantee of Origin Regulatory Council is the first of its kind in the country and will be presented at the finale of the Habano-Tequila Alliance slated for Feb. 25. This contest has already held a couple of preliminary matching-like tasting sessions featuring aged and extra-aged variants of this Mexican spirit and habanos.

“We believe it’s really significant that just shortly after its appearance we can now ink an agreement of mutual support with Tequila, a product that like Colombian coffee, is one of the most renowned products all across Latin America.”

The Board of Directors of the Habano Protected Guarantee of Origin Regulatory Council is made up of representatives from all major institutions dealing with this product’s making and marketing processes, as well as by the president of Tabacuba, a representative from the Tobacco Storage and Development enterprises, another one from the cigar factories, three members of Habanos S.A. and a representative from the Tobacco Research Institute as a permanent guest.

More information: Habanos DOP:

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