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Following the grand opening of the Tradeshow at the 12th Habano Festival, attended by over a thousand people from 80 countries, Mr. Malmierca praised the event as an outspoken show of the many values the famous Cuban cigars have to offer, penciled in as the finest around the world.

The habano is a one-and-only, top-quality product capable of providing an endless array of pleasures, a reason why it’s been catching on among men and women for over five centuries now.

This Festival reveals, on the one hand, its universality and presence in many areas of human development, as seen here in the exquisite artworks by artists, photographers and artisans that dazzle attendees with their originality and good taste.

When referring to the Festival’s women dedication this year, Mr. Malmierca commented that in addition to their role in all fields of production, today habano is a product that stands out in the elegant hands of a woman. There are vitolas specially designed for the delicacy of women, just something for everyone.

As far as marketing is concerned, Cuban premium cigars continue to be major economic powerhouses as they make rounds all across the globe, with the sole exception of the U.S., a country that strips its citizens of their enjoyment as a result of the unfair economic blockade on the island nation.

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