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The recent introduction in the Habano’s world of Cohiba Atmosphere continues to arouse curiosity and questions about their characteristics, the concept behind them and mechanisms businesspeople of the sector from any country of the world should follow to make incursions into the novel project. That’s the reason why Javier Terrés, Habanos S.A.’s vice president of development, a connoisseur of the matter, is the right person to explain the details to our readers in this exclusive interview.

What’s your opinion about or experience on the role played so far by Cohiba Atmosphere facilities that have been opened across the world, in the spreading and commercialization of Habanos?

The Cohiba Atmosphere facilitiesopened across the world (Beijing, Cancun, Buenos Aires, Tokyio, Praga, Hong Kong) have served to develop the Habano culture and to provide smoking lovers with a space where they can enjoy a good cigar.

What is the difference between La Casa del Habano and a common club or restaurant that facilitates the smoking of Habanos?

This is a platform concept that allows us to transform our line of services into a permanent wide-range showcase where the brand speaks to and embraces the consumer; into a meeting point seeking to enhance the seduction and appeal generated by the brand itself. Coming in a Cohiba Atmosphere should marka before and after.

In this matter, the strategic proposal centers on six wide concepts thatenhance Cohiba’s attributes and values and of its related products, as we consider that those elements should be the cornerstones of the rest of the proposals. Hence, we set ourselves the challenge of defining an offer of products based on the world of the Habano and its atmosphere. Those six wide concepts are: Top Quality, Pairing Promotion, Careful Presentatio, Variety and Crossbreeding (in catering),Signature Gastronomy, Habanos Sommelier Spaces (demo & taste concept).

In a new marketing concept for the Habanos, this is a place of reference offering clients a wide range of Cohiba products and of the world of the handmade cigar (books, relics, merchandising, magazines, museum pieces....). This space has all the necessary elements to embrace the concept of “Cigar Mecca” at a world level.

What are the steps to be followed to use the Cohiba Atmosphere franchise and be able to open a facility of this type?

To open a Cohiba Atmosphere it is required to sign a contract with Habanos S.A. which includes the following general terms:

1. The purpose of the contract: it is a license agreement to use the Cohiba Atmosphere brand within the classification of services in a specified location.

2. Identity: Habanos S.A. will provide a Cohiba Atmosphere identity and service system that will mark the guidelines to be followed. Adjustments to each country are allowed.

3. Products: Habano cigars, and other associated products such as, bar, cafeteria and/or restaurant services.

4. Concept: Cohiba Atmosphere is not a store; it can be a restaurant or a private club or a bar always with smoking area.

5. Remuneration:  the licensee will pay an annual royalty to the licensor on sales. The licensee will provide a report with the calculations and certification of the royalty to be paid.

6. Duration: The contract is valid for a period of 5 years.

7. Beginning of operations: The deadline to begin operations is one year after the signing.

8. Business plan: The business plan will be included in the contract. The business plan must include information about the sales and royalty during the term of duration of the contract.

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