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After meal talks belong to Habanos

A good sommelier and even cigar-puffing enthusiasts must pay heed to the kind of lunch or dinner served before moving on to the after-meal talk and handpick the right stogie.
The complexity of the meal determines to a good extent the matching proposal between spirits and habanos that might come up next. That’ll for sure help you do away with food aftertaste.
However, there are other elements worth paying heed to when it comes to that, like how much time patrons have to spare, whether they are adult smokers or if they prefer a particular vitola, let alone how deep their pockets are.
In the case of restaurants, the array of habanos must be pieced together depending on the place’s classification, the kind of food served there and even the atmosphere and the decoration.
The staff must have ample expertise on historic and cultural topics and ought to be updated on matching preferences between spirits and infusions. Their carts should also be equipped with whether it takes to offer this kind of service, like lighters, matches, cigar cutters, candles and other things.
Just another factor to bear in mind is that a cup of coffee acts as the perfect bridge between habanos and spirits.
Few things give a better touch to a place than the big surprise of offering a habano to the patrons and the guarantee of making the after-meal talk an unforgettable moment to be cherished for forever more.

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