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The XIII Habanos Festival, organized by Corporación Habanos s.a. in La Habana (Cuba), celebrates this year its XIII edition and will be hold between the 21th and the 25th of February, 2011.

As a widely consolidated event, the Festival has its spirit of celebration and homage to this unique product still intact, the result of an unrepeatable combination of the soils of Cuba, its climate, centennial knowledge and history: the Habano.

The Festival is the best voice of the excellence and quality foundations of the Habano, and it is also the ideal place for the exchange of experiences among cigar aficionados arriving from all over the world.

It is also the perfect occasion for the presentations of the new Habanos as well as for the tastings and combinations of the Habano with other products of major worldwide prestige of the most exclusive circles.

During the five days of the Festival, Habanos lovers of the entire world gather in Cuba to honor the most emblematic product of the island and get acquainted with the secrets of a more than centennial tradition.

More than 1.500 participants of almost 80 different countries get together, including not only professionals linked to the Habano but also many famous personalities connected to the world of culture, haute cuisine, the movies, fashion and the arts in general, as well as smokers, collectors, artisans and aficionados to enjoy a common passion to all: the Habano, the best cigar in the world.

In recent years, personalities such as golfer Miguel Angel Jiménez, actors Jeremy Irons and Peter Coyote, Chucho Valdés or artists such as Mariza or Iván Lins have attended the Festival.

This year, among others, the great Cuban artist Omara Portuondo and the actor Jorge Perugorría will be present. Furthermore, we will be honored by the presence of the Cuban maestro Leo Brouwer, Founder and Director Emeritus of the Orquesta Filarmónica de Córdoba, who has received the Latin Grammy 2010, and who will hold a spectacular concert during the Welcoming Night together with his guests: Edin Karamazov, one of the most important lutenists in the world, who has recorded several music tracks with Sting, and José Manuel Hierro, a guitarist from Córdoba, recipient of two Spanish National Awards for guitar, among many other acknowledgments.

Musician Pancho Amat just awarded with Cuba´s national prize, will be the star guiding the H. Upmann Evening on Wednesday 23 of February.

A select group of aficionados will be able to exclusively enjoy the new products that Habanos s.a. will launch to the market in 2011, including the Special Series and Limited Editions.

The main launchings that Habanos s.a. will present in this XIII Festival are: the new Serie E of Partagás that comes to enrich the series of one of the brands with greatest character within the world of the Habano. Furthermore a new Habano is added to the already mythical Serie D, the Partagás Serie D No. 5. The new vitola H. Upmann Half Corona is also incorporated, and finally, the presentation during the Gala Dinner of the new Montecristo No. 2 Gran Reserva, the first Gran Reserva available in Montecristo with an exclusive and unique limited production.

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