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More than just a product, the habano embraces a culture of its own and women are an indispensable part of it all because there’s nothing more distinguished and delicate than a habano in the hands of a lady

The Habano Femme Friends cultural project huddled Tuesday afternoon to celebrate the club’s first anniversary in its traditional venue, the Oasis Panorama Hotel in Havana, within the framework of the 13th Habano Festival.

With a female turnout hailing from different nations and presided over by Zoe Nocedo, director of the Tobacco Museum, and Ana Lopez, the project’s marketing chief, yesterday afternoon’s gathering featured a fashion show of traditional Cuban guayaberas and a recap of the activities conducted by the group in the course of 2010.

The Habano Femme Friends Club, founded in February last year during the 12th Habano Festival, has held regular meetings with fine artists, writers, researchers, diplomats, sommeliers, cigar rollers, factory readers and cigar lovers because, above all, this club is an excuse to cozy up to the endless atmospheres that come over between the aromatic and sensual billows of smoke given out by a good habano.

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