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Both are present in this festival to seal a much-anticipated alliance, a one-and-only occasion to take a closer look at some matching between the most selected representatives from each of these two genuine Cuban products.

The 13th Festival’s program has included something very special, an embrace between two kings featuring the island nation’s premium cigars and some of the finest aged and extra-aged spirits distilled in the country.

Today, the different Cuban rum brands feature one or more aged spirits –from around 18 dark rum brands- in different categories, a condition that provides an assortment of combinations with Habanos S.A.’s vast portfolio.

Even though rum and tobacco make up an indestructible unit –no matter the variants from each product, and that includes eau-de-vies- experts agree there’s an ideal match between dark aged rums and habanos.

The contrasts among Cuban spirits allow for a good match with the island’s habanos and coffee. Even though the Caribbean boasts different types of rum, such factors as tradition, constant drinking, refinement, the natural environment, productive volumes and variety, coupled with the unique experience and expertise of Cuban rum makers, have turned spirits hailing from the largest Caribbean island into one of the best-known rums in the region.

Moreover, rum and tobacco share a common history that dates back to little after the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the island in 1492. Cuba’s geography and climate have exceptional conditions for the development of the two of them.

Participating companies in the Rum-Habano Alliance

Cuba Ron

Havana Club International

Corporación CIMEX


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