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A smoker who prefers the excellence of Cohiba, he owns up that these habanos were his faithful companions during the rehearsals prior to the 13th Habano Festival’s opening concert

Flamenco guitarist Jose Manuel Hierro, founder of the Cordoba Guitar Orchestra and the Flamenco & Chamber Orchestra of Miraya, arrived in the Habano Festival as a special guest of maestro Leo Brouwer.

And the fact of the matter is that maestro Brouwer –Leo, as he calls him- and Hierro are closely tied up. “There’s a tremendous influence of his music in my compositions, so I consider myself one of his disciples.” Leo is also the reason behind his two visits to Havana. The first one occurred years ago for a Guitar Festival. “Perhaps that’s why to me Havana is Leo. I think he stands for the humanity of the goodhearted Cuban. There’s so much magic here. This is a city that throws you into disarray the minute you touch down, it kind of takes you down in a way you completely forget who you were when you came here, only to reconstruct yourself when you leave and then you’re that old person you used to be. And at the end you say to yourself, ‘I got to come back’.”

As a good smoker, Hierro puffs on a Cohiba as he jaws it up. He admits this habano was his faithful companion during the rehearsal days prior to the concert. “Cohiba does it all in. It’s got a sweet taste just as if you were kissing something.”


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