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The celebrated lute player, recognized worldwide for his work with Sting on the CD/DVD The Journey & The Labyrinththat sold over 3 million copies in just three months, is no doubt one of the boldface names attending the 13th Habano Festival

“When Karamazov plays there’s magic in the air. It’s not just playing outside the historic context, but putting an expressive spin on music (…) and then it turns into a generation of art that creates other than recreates. Not everybody can do that.”

With these remarks, maestro Leo Brouwer praised Bosnian musician Edin Karamazov, penciled in as one of the most outstanding lute performers worldwide and who’s visiting Cuba for the first time as a guest to the 13th edition of the Habano Festival.

“I’m one of the many guitarists or musicians who have been drawn since an early age by Leo Brouwer’s music. I believe all guitarists around the world have at least played one of his compositions,” the renowned musician pointed out.

Karamazov also said how pleased he was for this opportunity to visit the island nation and thanked the festival’s organizers. “I’m happy that Habanos are taking good care of the arts. If not for them, I would have stayed in Croatia,” he concluded.

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