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Amid the cheers and applauses of the 13th Habano Festival, authorities announced the upcoming grand meeting of customers and businesspeople linked to the Partagas brand in the month of April.

This gathering is a tradition for the Partagas Casa del Habano, located in the bottom floor of the like-name cigar factory founded in 1845, nestled right behind the Havana Capitol. 

The Partagas House started out in 1993, yet it’s penciled in as one of the most attractive outlets of the Casa del Habano franchise that already boasts 142 establishments in over a hundred countries.

In this facility, foreign visitors enjoy a cozy and particular ambience decked out with pictures on the walls that illustrate the visits paid by such celebs as U.S. moviemaker and director Steven Spielberg, French actor Gerard Depardieu or American icon Jack Nicholson.

The first edition of the Partagas Party in 2011 will include a visit to Pinar del Rio, Cuba’s westernmost province and home to the world’s best tobacco plantations, where they will tour a cigar store and the farmhouse of Hector Luis, one of the island nation’s most seasoned tobacco planters.

Furthermore, there’ll be a visit to Cayo Levisa, a sought-after travel destination famous for its lavish nature and recreational nautical activities.

The closing session of this first edition (slated for April 18 to 21) will plan a second edition with a surprise program in store scheduled from Nov. 14 to 18.

Both gatherings, in addition to the traditional tasting sessions, chats and strolls around the world of habano, will feature a closing dinner with an auction of humidors and tobacco-related items and objects.

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