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On, users can find locales through a GPS system built in on both the website and the mobile version.  

It’s all about a collaborative proposal since AQUI SI establishments can be posted on the website by either their owners or their patrons.

With this new web-based platform, Altadis wants to provide smokers with a service whereby they can easily find hostels and inns fitted out with terraces where they can puff on their cigars.

According to Altadis, following the amendments to Act 42/2010 that bans smoking inside hostels and inns, the fact of whether establishments have terraces or not has become a major criterion of choice for many people, especially now the summertime season is in full swing.

In an effort to cope with this situation, many locales have opted for opening terraces even in the winter and install heaters outside.

Thanks to AQUI SI, all terraced or decked locations that want to be posted on the website will be available 24/7 all year round.

This online platform is powered by Google Maps’ GPS system that lets users take quick virtual look at the closest terraced establishments where they could smoke their Habanos.

Information can be browsed either on the website ( or from your cell phone. The site lets users download iPhone and Android apps for free.

The pager has been initially launched with a total of 720 terraced establishments scattered all across Spain.

Today, out of over 340,000 hostels and inns in Spain, nearly 30 percent of them are outfitted with terraces because the number of bars and restaurants that have requested their installation has been steadily on the rise following the implementation of the tougher antismoking legislation.

In the first quarter of this year, the number of requests soared a whopping 16.3 percent in Madrid, and around 18 percent in Barcelona.

Establishments willing to be posted on the website could be easily paged down thanks to downloadable tokens and logos the owners could print out and hang on the walls outside their cafeterias, bars or bistros.

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