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Members and friends of Balcon Bayamanaco, a project that seeks the pairing between different habano vitolas and other products on a monthly basis, heard the history of Seleccion de Maestros straight from the horse’s mouth –Cuba’s masters rum makers- and enjoyed a grand tour through the factory as they participated in a pairing between this one and another rum belonging to the same brand, and different Habanos’ vitolas.

The alliance between Seleccion de Maestros and Añejo Especial, Havana Club was made with habanos Montecristo Eagle, Open line, ring gauge 54 x 150mm long; and Cohiba Behike, Laguito No.5. vitola, ring gauge 54 x 144mm long.

Experts from Balcon del Habano assessed the balance, richness and complexity of these beverages and Habanos, as well as the harmony and pleasure of the existing combination between both of them, and decided that the finest alliances were set between Montecristo Eagle and Añejo Especial, as well as Cohiba Behike and Seleccion de Maestros.

Members of Balcon de Bayamanaco gave the master rum makers a poster of Alejandro Robaina, the famous tobacco grower who died in early 2010 and an Honorable Member of that Tasters’ Club.

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