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Encuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de Partagas






The 15th Anniversary of La Casa del Habano store, located in the Partagás Factory, at 520 Industria, next to Havana’s Capitol, was an exceptional scenario to launch the concept of Aged or Vintage Cigars into the Cuban market.

The celebration coincided with the Friends of Partagás Gathering held November 14 thru 18 of 2011 in Havana, Cuba.

“Aged” or “Vintage” Cuban Cigars are those that are kept in perfect temperature and humidity conditions since right after leaving the factory until they are consumed.

According to experts, cigars’ flavor and aroma is affected by the passing of time in the same way the finest wines are. The beginning of the process is marked by the seal showing the manufacturing date placed on the bottom of every cigar box.   

The concept of Aged or Vintage Cuban cigars is not related to the prior aging of tobacco leaves, neither to the time they were harvested.

Some say that five years are enough for the benefits of aging to be perceptible; others in turn consider that it takes at least 10 years after the cigars are placed in the box to get the desired effect.

This period of aging results in a more refined smoke and an extremely complex aroma, as long as the temperature and humidity conditions are perfect.

A number of cigars aged for more than five years were selected for the presentation of the Aged or Vintage Cuban Cigars in the island during the Friends of Partagás Gathering.

The Hoyo de Dieux vitola of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand was chosen for the tasting in the opening night of the 15th Anniversary of the Partagas Habano House program, receiving excellent reviews by participants.

In addition to other Aged Cuban cigars launched at different moments of the event, the closing meal featured the tasting of products released this year, 2011, by Habanos S.A., such as the H. Upmann Royal Robustos, which was exclusively designed for the chain of La Casa del Habano franchise stores worldwide; and the new Partagas Series E No. 2.

A series of Aged or Vintage Cuban cigars will be shortly available at La Casa de Habanos Partagas store; all of them carefully selected by a group of experts on quality control who look over every one of them in Cuba.

The cigars can be easily identified as they bear a second band reading “Añejados” (Aged) and a “Revisado” (Checked) stamp at the bottom of the box, which accounts for a perfect aging process.

Encuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de Partagas





Encuentro Amigos de PartagasEncuentro Amigos de Partagas

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