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Especialistas en HabanosEspecialistas en HabanosEspecialistas en Habanos







The Habano Academy continues to offer programs for the training of Cuban cigar specialists who would master core aspects of the world of Cuban cigars: selling techniques, preservation, manufacturing, marketing; and about current world trends.

Over the last few months, two courses have been taught in the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland, for which specialists from Habanos S.A. traveled to those countries.


The first Senior Course by the Habanos Academy for the training of the first Cuban cigar specialists in the Scandinavian countries was taught from October 26 to 28 to more than 20 people aboard the luxury Gabriela cruise ship, from the prestigious company Viking Line.

The course was given by a specialist from Habanos S.A., who traveled to the region exclusively for that purpose.

During the training sessions, participants discussed highly topical subjects related with the world of Cuban cigars, selling techniques, and leading world trends.

Emphasis was made on the preservation of the product as an indispensable element to guarantee its optimum quality taking into account the weather conditions of the region.

In Helsinki, participants were visited by the Cuban ambassador to Finland, Mr. Sergio Gonzalez Gonzalez, who talked to the group and appreciated the course’s turnout, noting that it showed their interest and loyalty to the finest cigar of the world.

The specialists, along with executives of the Cuban cigars’ exclusive distributing company in the Scandinavian countries, Habanos Nordic A.B., discussed the progress made on the implementation of the concept of Habanos Specialists, answered questions and laid new goals for 2012.

At the end of the training, each participant received a “Junior Course” certificate for the first level officially established by the Habanos Academy.

In the evening of October 27, during a Gala Dinner, the Cohiba 1966 Limited Edition was launched into the Scandinavian market, giving attendees the opportunity to taste this exclusive blend.

The concept of Habanos Specialists reached the Scandinavian region to stay, as expectations are for the initiative to spread to all over the region by 2012.


 From October 20 to 22, 2011 Intertabak A.G., exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in Switzerland held the First Meeting of Habanos Specialists.

The event took place at the Triago- Gebaüde Business Center in Basel with a large number of attendants coming from Geneva, Zurich, Montreux and the host city.

The participants in the meeting, along with Intertabak specialists, Exclusive Distributor to the area, attended the Junior and Senior courses offered by the Habanos Academy and taught by an expert from Habanos S.A. in charge of training.

The event was attended as well by cigar roller Eduardo Gonzalez, who, with his experience in teaching the interesting art of making a Cuban cigar, helped students in the practice sessions.

At the end of the courses, participants had the opportunity to taste a cigar exclusively made for the occasion, the Cohiba 1966, one of the 2011 Limited Editions of Habanos S.A.

Especialistas en HabanosEspecialistas en Habanos

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