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Founded in 1966 to be given as gifts to the greatest friends of the island nation and its Revolution, the brand’s mystic halo accrued as it hit the markets in 1982 and people learned it had been a creation of Commander Fidel Castro. The oldest employees at the El Laguito factory remember the times when they saw the leader puffing on the blends of Cohiba vitolas during his years as a smoker, or just picking up a handful of cigars for a good comrade of cause somewhere around the world.
Cohiba features four lines: Clasica, made up of half a dozen vitolas and developed between 1966 and 1989; the 1492 that saw the light of day in 1992 to mark the fifth centennial of Christopher Columbus’s landing in Cuba. The latter had five vitolas until 2002 when Siglo VI  – a key reference in the realm of tobacco – joined the pack.
The Maduro 5 line was rolled out in 2007 with three new vitolas that added a ripe wrapper that had been aged for five years –the so-called Genios. And last but not least, the celebrated Cohiba Behike was unveiled in 2010 as the brand’s most exclusive line. Its three vitolas boasted for the first time the “medio tiempo”, the extremely odd and scarce two upper leaves of the sun-grown tobacco plant that give this Habano exceptional character and taste.
The BHK 52, BHK 54 and BHK 56 are exclusive format from Cohiba’s youngest line. In addition to the excellent burning and draw their thick ring gauge provide, this trio allows smokers to assess and revel in all the intensity and taste range this exquisite and unique blend has to offer: smoking strength and delicious scent.
But in this abridged summary of the Cohiba brand, the most demanding and passionate enthusiasts of Habanos and its flagship brand won’t forgive us if we fail to mention some of the major milestones that have buttressed its stance as the world’s leading premium cigar. Two cases in point are the 2002 Reserve and the 2009 Grand Reserve, made of tobacco leaves that have been aged for at least three and five years respectively, two gems that collectors and followers treasure as their most cherished keepsakes.
For advocates and followers, we must say that Cohiba is attending this 14th Habano Festival with a new premiere: the Pirámides Extra, the first figurado to join the brand’s permanent stock. And to top it all off, this new beauty is lodged inside fancy tubes, the first of its kind within the Linea Clasica, combining an equally elegant design and character due to the logo relief, something such a classy Habano requires

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