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The Swiss watches that better stick to the preferences and lifestyles of Habano lovers and aficionados get an exclusive break with a limited edition of only 88 units.

For the first time in Cuba and in the Habano Festival, Swiss watchmaker Aba Watches has arrived in this event with a superb deluxe curiosity: the only watch built up to now to gauge the puffing time on the most sought-after Habano vitolas. And it’s been built following the esthetics, perfection and distinguished finesse these emblematic Cuban products boast. 

The OSCURO watch packs in all the virtues of the finest inheritance and tradition of the Swiss watchmakers. It was developed for three years with close heed to each and every detail, in an exclusive way to come up with a one-and-only line in all parts and pieces.

The internal mechanism is quite complex and safe, featuring a fancy, sober and good-looking globe decked out with all allegoric motifs linked to the realm of Habanos, such as the PROMINENTE, CORONA or PIRÁMIDE vitolas, let alone references to shades and colors like Maduro, Colorado, Claro and Oscuro, the one this watch has been named after.

A slender leather bracelet and a mighty box, oozing out great character and luxury, plated in Rhodium –a safe stainless steel metal paint- protects the inner mechanism and makes the timepiece stand out only to turn this watch into a genuine masterpiece that carries all the excellence of the Swiss watchmakers’ tradition.

Mr. Amir Kurejsepi, founder and general manager of Aba Watches, was very pleased for having put together this creative effort and come up with such a magnificent timepiece.

At the same time, he extolled his attending the 14th Habano Festival as “an important opportunity” for his company, especially because it’s all about an exceptional space for the presentation of the OSCURO watch, a limited edition “thought out for Habano lovers and aficionados,” with great possibilities to customize every watch based on the preferences of each and every buyer.


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