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The Habano made it to the Old World together with cacao, potato and tomato. Yet its bosom companions came from that neck of the woods: coffee and sugar, the latter eventually producing rum. It was the encounter of two cultures, of millions of pleasures, a date that was celebrated within the framework of the Festival with a special night dedicated to the 520th anniversary of Habano’s arrival in the Old World.

The deluxe show that presented the traditions of both the New and the Old worlds –especially those hailing from the Iberian Peninsula and Cuba- was sprinkled with a menu that bridged the great divide with dishes cooked by Barcelona chef Sergio Torres (Dos Cielos Restaurant, recipient of a Michelin star) and Cuba’s Vladimir Gonzalez, from the Melia Cohiba Hotel.

Crossover delicacies, like the Crème 520 (red beans, quail eggs and truffles), the beef tenderloin or the mousse made of Baracoa chocolate and guava with almond-coated sweet were the courses both guests and delegates ate as they also puffed on such vitolas as El Príncipe, from San Cristóbal de La Habana; Robustos T, from Trinidad; Torreón, from San Cristóbal de La Habana, Serie Especial 2012; or Montecristo 520 Edición Limitada 2012.

And as Habanos S.A. Deputy President for Development Javier Terres put it, that was a night to celebrate not only Habano’s first visit to the Old World, but also to underscore the profound impact that encounter had on both civilizations.

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