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With an assessment of the company’s results in 2011 and the presentation of its main objectives for the ongoing year, made by Habanos S.A. Deputy President for Development Javier Terrez, the 14th Habano Festival’s International Seminar got cracking at the Intl. Conference Center in Havana.

The senior exec told participants that in the different sale outlets and channels, the most sought-after vitolas last years were Marevas, Robustos and the Series D of Partagas. At the same time, Cohiba’s Behike Line made a significant splash in terms of the company’s commercial upshots.

For 2012, Mr. Terrez said, the main goals for Habanos S.A. will be focused on strengthening its leading position worldwide in the Cuban premium cigar market by rolling out new products in sync with the preferences of aficionados, like the ones unveiled in this year’s festival. The company will also pursue the improvement of its international distribution as well as the opening of more spaces for both consumers and aficionados.

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