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If Havana Club and Chivas Regal were already sharing other common points as they hail from deep-rooted traditions that have been around for hundreds of years –or just for representing the taste of choice of their own peoples’ cultures- this time around they are bound together with the Habano, a genuine, unique and multicolor product that can please an assortment of tastes and preferences.

Both 7-Year Havana Club and 12-Year Chivas Regal showed up at the Intl. Conference Center to jaw it up with Partagas Lusitana, a vitola with a character that witnessed the talk between the scotch and the spirit, yet with some criteria of its own. As a result, some people there made the right choice while others begged to differ, but everybody had a ball.

The point is the pairing construed as a science for the senses moves far beyond some clear-cut or obscure guidelines that rule taste and smell preferences. But they do help to weave a web of fantasies that one way or another was equally present in this encounter between the Cuban rum, the Scotch whisky and the always-acclaimed habano.

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