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As bold and well-acclaimed is how attendees labeled the pairing offered by Bodegas Torres in Cuba for two of its most special products –the Oporto-style Malamado Malbec from Bodegas Zuccardi and the 20-Years Torres Brandy- with the Partagas Lusitana (ring gauge 49 x 194mm long), one of the most majestic-looking and complex habanos designed for savvy smokers with plenty of time to puff on it and command of the senses to guarantee exceptional enjoyment of this vitola.

In the first case, this is an American-origin fortified wine –hailing specifically from Argentina’s Mendoza region- which is very original and delicious. It matched excellently with the Partagas Lusitana during the first third of it, yet it wasn’t highly recommended for the second and third stretches.

The star for those two final thirds was no doubt the 20-Year Torres Brandy, penciled in as the world’s best brandy for a couple of years in a row and whose exquisite, full-fledged taste melted into the taste of the habano to generate a delicious moment for the lucky people who attended this tasting session.

The coincidence that both a brandy and a fortified wine –both made of very special grapes- paired perfectly with Partagas stems from their being all traditional products out of particular lands that, beyond tastes, preferences and opinions, always let them lock up in a perfect final embrace.

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