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Good sale volumes of machine-rolled Cuban cigars –figures have increased steadily in recent years- was praised by the Internacional Cubana de Tabaco company and the Promotora de Cigarros S.L. with the presentation of awards to their top dealers and distributors.

Some of the recipients of those awards were Emport Importacao e Exportacao S.A., from Portugal; Phoenicia Trading A.A., working the Lebanese market, the Middle East and Africa; as well as Havana House Cigars and Tobacco Merchants LTD, from Canada.

At the same time, ICT –the company sells machine-rolled cigars under a Habanos S.A. license- recognized a job well done with the Guantanamera brand, now featuring a newer, more contemporary design. ICT underscored the work of some major distributors, like Fifth Avenue Products Trading GMBH, and gave an honorary mention to LTG Duty Free.

In the case of Cuba, based on the sustained growth of sales, the company awarded the La Casa del Habano 63 in Varadero, La Casa del Habano at the Habana Libre Hotel and La Casa del Habano Partagas.

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