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The entire lifespan of the Habano, from the seedlings all the way to the cigars, is profusely spelled out in this visual testimony that turns humble countryside tobacco planters into lead role stars. A similar view of those who have a say in the long tour taken by the tobacco leaf from the plantation to the cigar factory is also portrayed.

Suckling admits this film was born of his own love for both Habanos and Cuba. In the first minutes he addresses the need to explain to the world the reasons why Cuba’s premium cigars are the undisputed kings of their kind. That’s the starting point for a screen story that takes viewers to the lovely region of Vuelta Abajo and to the puzzling realm of cigar factories in an effort to complete the whole cycle of the habano-making process.

A keynote moment in the presentation of this film came to pass when American actor James Belushi showed up to exchange greetings with those who attended the function.

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