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Habanos Day BeneluxHabanos Day Benelux Along with the spring heat that erased the cold memories of the winter, Belgium and the Netherlands welcomed the Habanos Day, an unforgettable event due to the warmth and quality of habanos.



The event dedicated a whole day to Habanos, which included a seminar on how to hand-roll a cigar and sessions aimed at Habanos tasting, with comment delivered by specialists.

Cuban music and traditional food were also enjoyed along with the Habanos tasting sessions.

Habanos Day belied in Netherlands the myth of the traditional coldness of the people living in this region, since the event was attended by over 150 people that enjoyed some of the best vitolas of Habanos.

In Belgium, also within a cozy atmosphere with the participation of over 100 people, Habanos Day was attended by the Cuban Ambassador,MirthaHormillaCastro,and the Counselor Jose OriolMarrero.

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Habanos Day BeneluxHabanos Day BeneluxHabanos Day BeneluxHabanos Day Benelux

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