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Cohiba marca famosa en MexicoCohiba marca famosa en MexicoCohiba marca famosa en Mexico







Mexico’s Instituto de la Propiedad Industrial has given Cohiba a special recognition that supports its notoriousness as a brand and singles it out as ambassador of Cuba’s culture.

The distinction that underscores the fame of the most recognized of all the 27 brands that make up Habanos S.A.’s portfolio, is also –as put by IMPI Chief Jose Rodrigo Roque Diaz- a token of what Cohiba stands for in the world as a symbol of Cuba’s national identity.

In the ceremony to present the certificate, held on the premises of the El Laguito factory in the Havana municipality of Playa –the birthplace of Cohiba- Habanos S.A. co-president Jorge Luis Fernandez Maique said this distinction granted by Mexico’s IMPI now joins the one bestowed on the brand in 2004 by a judge in New York’s South District who recognized the cigar brand as famous in the U.S.

The notoriousness of a product or brand is recognized by property offices, as well as national and international courts. It actually strengthens the brand in the face of fakery, plagiarism or piracy, as it has happened to Cohiba.

Since its creation, Cohiba has been an exceptional product that was originally designed as a gift of the Cuban State to dignitaries and statesmen visiting the island nation. Since it first hit the market in 1982, Cohiba has basked in an increasingly broader limelight, thus becoming the flagship of all habano brands.

Its fame started at one fell swoop as it was linked to the persona of Fidel Castro and to the best cigars all over the world: the habanos.

Its name stems from the Taino indigenous people and it makes reference to the Cohoba ritual and to the way tobacco used to be consumed as part of several religious rites before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

According to the Mexican law, any notoriously known brand must be recognized by a certain sector of the public or by the country’s commercial circles as a consequence of commercial activities carried out in Mexico or overseas by an individual who uses that brand in relation to his products or services, either as a consequence of promotion or advertisement applied to it, whereas a famous brand is the one known by a majority of the consuming public.

The official ceremony to hand over this recognition to Habanos S.A. was attended by a number of officials from different levels, including Mr. Oscar Carvajal, from the Mexican embassy in Cuba, officials with the Ministry of Foreign Trade, both the director and deputy director of the Oficina Cubana de la Propiedad Industrial, execs from Tabacuba, Habanos S.A., and other executives from the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, among others.

Members of the national and international press stationed in Cuba also attended.

Cohiba marca famosa en MexicoCohiba marca famosa en MexicoCohiba marca famosa en Mexico

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