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A very special night devoted to gastronomy and Mexican culture was the choice picked for the members of the Smokers Club at the Iberostar Parque Central Hotel, right in the heart of Old Havana.

The onset was marked by emblematic margaritas to open the night, followed by the amazing tequilas that distinguish the Aztec land. The superb meal consisted of lobster chilpachole, callo de hacha and local avocado scented with mescal and washed down with a glass of Cava Sarda Brut Gourmet.

The Estampa Carmenere wine and the Yucatan-style pastor burritos, accompanied with pineapple Carpaccio, frijolitos charros, Guachinango tamales dipped in chipotle sauce and rajas poblanas next to the Estampa Cabernet sauvignon, brought delight to the guests in a dinner that brought the Mexican taste at it best with Muscatel Sarda sweet wine and the Tres Leches dessert.

The after-meal talk gave guests the chance to choose from either tequila reposado or Santiago Aged Rum, and it was followed by the moment everybody had cherished all night long: the opportunity to combine the spirits with an excellent Ramón Allones Grandes (ring gauge 49, 180 mm long), a vitola that hovers in the neighborhood of strong tasting notes. Traditional Mexican music was listened to.

Ramón Allonesis one of the benchmarked references in the history of habanos. Founded in 1837 by Galician Ramon Allones, this is one of the oldest habano brands to date.

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