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Habanos Cigars presents at Gothenburg's Cigar FestivalHabanos Cigars presents at Gothenburg's Cigar FestivalHabanos Cigars presents at Gothenburg's Cigar Festival






Habanos Cigars presents at Gothenburg's Cigar Festival


The third edition of the Gothenburg's Cigar festival took place on August 2012; this beautiful city is considered as the second largest of Sweden.

In a splendid weather, a lot of visitors enjoyed the good Habano, also cigars from different origins were tasted, additionally very interesting seminars completed the atmosphere, all this together is becoming a forced meeting point for all the cigars lovers,  Mr. Eric Pérez said, who is the current president for  the Gotheborg's Cigar society, and one of the organizer of this activity.

A special attention drew, the seminar called  ”Cuba- The Homeland of the Cigar”,  based on a film which was released in La Habana, Cuba,  prior to the XIV Habano's festival, this seminar was held by Mr.William Kilander how is connoisseur  of Cuban cigars and has attended three Habano's festivals in la Havana.

After the seminar, the Habanos Nordic A.B. representative, Mr. Anders Jonasson who was recently graduated as Habano's  Master under Habano's Academy, handed out a special vintage cigars, as contribution from Habanos Nordic A.B, the sole distributor of Habanos in all the Scandinavian region.

The Gotemburg's Cigar festival gradually is becoming more popular, in a country where the anti tobacco low have been gradually reinforced since the last eight years.

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