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El Mundo del Habano

El Mundo del Habano is the title of the new book launched by the Regulating Council of Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) Habanos and other Cuban tobacco producers within the framework of FIHAV 2012.

During the press conference Ana Lopez, director of operational marketing for Habanos, S.A. international corporation, explained that this volume sheds light, in 193 pages, on plantation regions, historic elements and the entire creation process of this product.

With over 200 pictures, the text illustrates the making process of Premium cigar, hand-rolled, with hundreds of operations, from agroindustry to puff time.

Edited by Cuba’s Tobacco Research Institute, the book is characterized by its deluxe and beautiful pages, with contents that make readers fall in love.

Lopez noted that the book represents a special guide to train executives, factories, cigar companies, sales staff and those who study at the Habanos Academy.

Cuban Premium cigar is described by experts as the finest cigar of the world due to the combination of weather, ground and the expertise of producers, and it is marketed in over 140 nations, with annual increase in market shares.

The presentation was also attended by Fernando Gonzalez de Navarrete, deputy director of operational marketing for Habanos, S.A., and Vladimir Andino, deputy director of Cuba’s Cigar Business Group.

El Mundo del HabanoEl Mundo del Habano

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