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A bunch of lovers of Cuba’s premium cigars, executives, businesspeople, sommeliers and members of the Balcon del Habano set out to find harmony and come up with the perfect match between two recognized domestic rums (Ritual by Havana Club international S.A. and Elixir by Legendario) and a premium cigar like Punch Double Corona (Prominente), ring gauge 49 x 194 mm long.

Those attending the function, held last Monday at the Presidente Hotel, sipped at both drinks as they tried to scour the balance and strength of this combination, as well as judge the wholeness and aromatic complexity of these three gourmet products, currently considered by the gastronomic and corporate elites around the globe as strongholds of the haute cuisine that can actually satisfy the earthliest pleasures of the soul and the spirit. 

According to the participants, some of them hailing from Argentina, Mexico, France, Brazil, Spain, Panama and Cuba, this time around they agreed that the two proposals met the high expectations pinned on them, following the second third of the premium cigar’s burning, though women sommeliers leaned to the sweet flavor of the Legendario rum.  


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