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Luxury Night with Vegueros

The Vegueros night this Thursday struck the attention of people attending the 15th Habano Festival during a special dinner held at the El Laguito Protocol Hall, right where the new Tapados, Entretiempos and Mañanitas vitolas were unveiled. 

The meeting panned out to be a special tribute to the toilsome job of planters of the world’s finest tobacco, because without their contribution the magnificent Habanos will never come true.

Habanos S.A. Development vice president Javier Terres introduced guests to the new Vegueros vitolas, completely rolled by hand with long filler and thought out for a more accessible segment and with a blend that gives off a mild-to-strong taste.

During the night, patrons also watched a fusion of Cuban music, ate a meal cooked by outstanding chefs and drank beverages that came along with each and every dish.

The night was also a reference to the ties between Cuban tobacco and haute cuisine since one of the dishes served boasted the former as one of the ingredients.

Vegueros: A Tribute Vitola

With over 76 percent of the factory’s payroll made up of women, within a total workforce of 118 people, the Francisco Donatien cigar factory, where Habanos from the Vegueros brand are rolled, owes its success to the workshop’s location, trapped within four tobacco regions: San Luis, Pinar del Rio, Consolacion del Sur and Guane, the sources of its supplies.

The factory’s director Alfredo Alvarez bodes “very good acclaim” for the new Vegueros to be sold soon because “the tobacco conformation and its thick ring gauge have been historically accepted due to their excellent burning.”

He doesn’t think twice to underscore that “puffing on a Vegueros is an excellence,” and he shores up his remarks with the opinions of tasters and the many trials the brand has endured, thus showing good burning and top-notch blend.

“Our products fit in with any kind of smoker,” he goes on to say. “The brand stands for the tobacco planters, so that explains the name Vegueros, a tribute to the region’s planters.”

Last but not least, he reminds us that the factory is visited by over 300 tourists in a single day and adds that Canada, Italy, Spain and Germany are the top international markets for the Vegueros brand, though it’s elbowing its way into other countries as well.

An Ever-Changing Tradition

Planters, who are named after the curing barns where tobacco leaves are stashed, are used to rolling their own cigars and that strikes the attention of people visiting Vuelta Abajo, the land of the world’s finest tobacco.

This time around, Vegueros breaks in a new image and presentation in 16-unit tin cans, featuring the mild-to-strong blend that characterizes an affordable, renewed and different Habano.

They are the Tapados (ring gauge 46 x 120mm long), Entretiempos (ring gauge 52 x 115mm long) and Mañanitas Figurado (ring gauge 46 x 10 mm long) vitolas. These formats are highly coveted by today’s smokers as they pry open the range to other consumers, thanks to their affordability.

All of the brand’s vitolas are completely rolled by hand with long filler for this Vegueros that now renovates its traditional quality.

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