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Eager to fix a mojito of their own –one of the world’s best-known cocktails- delegates to the 15th Habano Festival gathered in one of the halls of the Intl. Conference Center in Havana to have the undisputed honor of witnessing this historic development. 

During the Mojito Master Class, planned and organized by Havana Club International S.A. and Habanos S.A., Antonio Fernandez Andino, a bartender from Cuba’s Bartender Association, explained his audience part of the history of this cocktail and how it became one of the island nation’s most emblematic and classic drinks around the whole wide world.

He took time to talk about the dozen-plus Cuban cocktails that are now part of the international gastronomic history, how they have long gone beyond the borderlines of the Caribbean island, including the flagship trio of Cuba’s cocktails made up of Mojito, Cuba Libre and Daiquiri. 

As he was spelling out the cocktail’s ingredients, attendees had the opportunity of making their own mojitos, assisted by the staff from Havana Club International S.A. and the Intl. Conference Center, who deployed all necessary utensils to get the job done successfully.

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