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Driven by the interest of promoting and spreading out the painstakingand enriching work of tobacco growers and cigar rollers in the manufacture of the famous cigars, Habanos S. A. Corporation is pleased to summon professional and amateur artists from around the world to present the result of their inspiration in audiovisual works in the International Contest entitled "Habano in Images 2014", during the upcoming16thHabano Festival, to be held in Havana, Cuba, on February24-28, 2014.
The Habano Festival, a recognized international event of its kind in the world, is suitable for stagingthis contest thatintends to illustrate in images a culture of transcending customs, borders and political barriers, and which bringstogether thousands of people from around the world who actually admire and enjoy the quality of a genuine Cuban product: the Habano.

The Official Jury, with an international nature and composed by boldface namesof culture in general, and in particularby specialists and masters of the Habano culture, will award one Grand Prize and as many honorary mentions as it sees fit. The prize and mentions decided by the jury are not to be appealed.
The Grand Prize will be an invitation for the winner and a guest to the 17thFestival del Habano to be held in February 2015, with all expenses paid.
Filmmakers from around the world will be allowed to participate regardless of nationality, sex, age or religious belief.
The audiovisual works should be shot in 35mm, 16mm or Digital, at later dates to 2009, in the form of documentaries, reports, commercials, etc., with a maximum extension of 25 minutes. Copies in DVD of works made in 35 or 16 mm are allowed. The works can be subtitled in Spanish and the works spoken or subtitled in other languages must be accompanied by their dialogue list in English or Spanish. DVD copies must be in either NTSC or PAL system, while DVCAM format will only be accepted in NTSC. Copies in Betacam or U- MATIC are not allowed.
Contestants must submit a summary of each work, including title and date of the work, the author or authors’, full name, country, email address, as well as the work’s technical specifications. They should send it to the following email addresses:   and
Copies must be sent in optimized version through the FTP server maintaining the acceptable standards of quality for the reproduction, and the original will be sent through DHL with the quality required to ensure the work of registration, selection and assessment by the jury.
The awarded works automatically transfer their copyrights to Habanos S. A. Corporation for their use and distribution in the activities of the entity.
Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of all its rules, terms and conditions.
All works in the competition will be exhibited during the Festival del Habano in order to enrich the information on Habano and stimulate the interest in the product among the participants and public in general.
The deadline for the registration and sending of the original works runs until January 31st, 2014 and must be received at the following address:

Habanos S.A.
Brand Operations Division
Calle 22 # 115; e/ 1ª y 3ª, Miramar, Havana
Contact: Wilfredo Hernández, and Ricardo Salas, specialists
The registration form is attached to the official announcement where, before February 15th, 2014, there will be the announcement of the works accepted to the contest while the awards will be announced during the 16thedition of the Festival del Habano.
Brand Operations Division
Habanos S. A.
Tel: (537) 204 0513 / 14 ext. 568
Email: /
Contact: Mr. Wilfredo Hernández and Mr. Ricardo Salas, Specialists

“Santiago Alvarez” Office
Tel: (537) 830 1548
Contact: Mrs. Lázara Herrera, Coordinator

For delivery of works from abroad: It is recommended to sendworks through DHL or TNT services,with the note "Sample without Commercial Value" tacked on it.

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