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Two overwhelming passions –one felt by beer enthusiasts and the one that summons habano lovers-will become twinned during the 16th Habano Festival, when habanos and beer will be first paired, specifically three Habanos and five beers, four of which are Belgium and the other one is Cuban.

Some of the most prestigious and peculiar beers stand out among this group, which are going to be paired with Habanos according to the proposal issued by beer-expert Sommelier Ben Vinken, so they can be tasted during the Festival and the attendees can express their opinions on the different pairings.

The aromatic and balanced taste of H. Upmann Half Corona is going to meet the popular Cuban light beer, malt taste, Bucanero. Afterwards, the participants will discover which is the perfect beer to be paired with the delicate aromas of Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. To do so, they will have to choose between the strength of Duvel, made with Pilsen malts, and black beer Leffe Brown Abbey, the 2012 winner of the gold medal in the World Beer Cup. 

Finally, they are going to do the same exercise with the unmistakable richness, aroma and taste of Partagás Serie D No. 4 and beers Malheur Brut Reserve, dry and pale, and the smoked and fruity black beer Chimay Grande Reserve, featuring a taste that recalls black chocolate. 

These tasting sessions will be headed by Belgium beer-expert sommelier Ben Vinken, who is also the editor of Beer Passion and El Gusto, specialized in cigars. Vinken develops his journalist and communication work in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

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