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Maybe not even H. Upmann himself, the German banker who arrived in Cuba dreaming of making a killing in finance and wound up enthralled by his own habanos, ever imagined that 170 years later his brand would get its first reserve. 

Upmann No.2 is the emblematic vitola handpicked by Habanos S.A. to roll out that first H. Upmann Reserve in the world market, featuring the Piramides vitola (ring gauge 52 x 156mm long), a torpedo –tapered off on one end- that will guarantee smokers to enjoy the brand’s classic and fancy blend from top to toe.

These habanos –they are totally rolled by hand with long filler- are the result of a selection of tobacco leaves from the 2010 harvest, out of the finest plantations from the land of the world’s best tobacco: Vuelta Abajo (D.O.P.) in Pinar del Rio* (D.O.P.), Cuba, culled by seasoned cigar rollers from the H. Upmann factory and supervised by the Tobacco Institute.

The selected blend has been made by prestigious master blenders and appraised in joint tasting sessions by the Tobacco Institute, with a team of over fifty expert tasters, members of the National Tasting Commission –all of them hailing from the most outstanding cigar factories across Cuba- and by specialists from the Cuban tobacco industry and Habanos S.A. The organoleptic conditions of the blends were also looked into.

The leaves for the filler and the binder (Volado, Seco and Ligero) used in this blend for the first H. Upmann Reserve, as well as those for the wrapper, endured a long and thorough three-year aging process. 

This first-ever H. Upmann Reserve will consists of 5,000 lacquered boxes with individually numbered cigars, as stated in the numbered plaques inside the lids of each and every case containing 20 units apiece.

This Reserve has been conceived for the great habano lovers, let alone a collectible item out in the market given its limited output and exclusive character.

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