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One of the newest Habanos in Hoyo de Monterrey’s portfolio, Le Hoyo de San Juan, will be marketed in different sales outlets around the globe a few weeks from now, in the brand’s classic sliding box containing 25 units.


Le Hoyo de San Juan introduces a new red ring in the vitola, thus making the Series’ image jump up a notch.


The cases of Hoyo de Monterrey’s Le Hoyo de San Juan now feature different innovations in the brand’s image, such as the external adhesive paper cover and the white ribbon that embellishes the 25-unit pack, which will help identify this new vitola by Hoyo de Monterrey.


Le Hoyo Series was historically known due to its thin and midrange gauge formats, but the brand-new Le Hoyo de San Juan vitola renews and enhances Le Hoyo Series with its thick ring gauge.


Le Hoyo de San Juan (ring gauge 54 x 150mm long) is a thick vitola that allows Hoyo de Monterrey lovers to enrich the full range of thicker gauges, not common in the brand to date.


Le Hoyo de San Juan features an innovative thick ring gauge format and medium length, characterized by its mild notes. It’s a very attractive choice for those who prefer a softer, delicate, aromatic Habano with great elegance and complexity.


Le Hoyo de San Juan’s blend is made up of Seco and Ligero leaves from San Juan y Martínez, a historic denomination of origin and the place where the brand was born back in 1865.


The Seco and Ligero leaves in its mild-tasting blend have been harvested from San Juan y Martínez *(P.D.O) Tobacco District, thus giving the consistency and intensity that characterize the leaves cultivated in the land of San Juan y Martínez.


Hoyo de Monterrey Habanos brand was named after the tobacco plantation nestled in San Juan y Martínez* (P.D.O), right in the heart of Vuelta Abajo* (P.D.O). All Hoyo de Monterrey’s vitolas are Completely Rolled by Hand with long filler, by Cuban expert cigar makers.


Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey


Store Vitola: Le Hoyo de San Juan


Factory Vitola: Geniales


Size: Ring gauge 54 (21.43 mm) x 150 mm long


Presentation: 25-unit sliding box (SLB) / 10-unit sliding box (SLB)


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